Design Yang Lalu

6 Responses

  1. Duhhh Tin, designmu bagus2 sekaliiiii….mau dunk! kalo minta tolong bikinin bole gak Tin? aku lagi nyari2 free template dengan nuansa Christmas, tapi gak nemu:(…
    aku add kamu di YM bole ya ?

  2. what’s ? … help me please / /

  3. hy…
    bs edit bLog aku ngga??
    soaLnya jelek bgT…
    pLis repLy k aLamt e-maiL ku…

  4. maksih.. web saya skrng keren..

  5. hy bos bisa edittin blog saya gak soallnya saya baru newbie jadi kagak ngerti gimana cara ngebagusinnya plisss

  6. It’s hard to forgive when you cannot forget, but I like the idea of release as a better word for forgiveness. We try to release ourselves from the pain but not forget that that pain has made us into the people we are today, for better or worse (hopefully, the latter…).

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